Dutchess County Turf and Plant Healthcare

Dutchess County is home to some of the most beautiful turf and landscapes in New York State. The secret to maintaining these stunning grounds lies in comprehensive turf and plant healthcare. A key part of any turf and plant healthcare program is proper diagnostics and attention to detail. Our team of highly trained professionals takes great pride in providing our clients with the best possible service.

Jillian's Group turf and plant healthcare begins with a thorough evaluation of the property. We consider factors such as the type of turf, soil conditions, sunlight exposure, amount of foot traffic, and other elements that can impact the health of your landscape. We then develop a customized plan to address the specific needs of your turf and plants.


From creating beautiful lawns to treating for ticks and tree and shrub insects, Jillian’s Group LLC has you covered for all your Lawn, Plant & Tree Health Care needs! Our New York State Certified Applicators are here to serve our customers!


Our program consists of eight (8) steps designed to improve and maintain the quality of your lawn.

The applications will maintain the proper balance of minerals in your soil while controlling crabgrass, broad leaf weeds and insects throughout the year.

All applications are performed by a licensed New York State Certified Pesticide Applicator on one of the dates listed by each treatment. During each visit, one of our applicators will also inspect all turf areas for any signs of insect, weed infestation or fungal problems.


All products are applied in accordance with the label instructions registered with both State and Federal Governments. Label recommendations are to stay off the lawn until it is completely dry. We recommend that your family and pets stay off the lawn until the next day. For maximum safety, wait 24 hours, and let dry. This will help the plants to absorb the materials. All services are applied or supervised by a State Certified Applicator. This assures you that the treatment meets all label specification.


Aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:

The undisputed best time of year to aerate and seed a lawn is in the FALL. Warm soils, cool nights and dying annual weeds make fall conditions the ideal time for aeration combined with overseeding as well as general lawn seeding.

Fall overseeding of a lawn is simply a process of spreading grass seed over your existing lawn to thicken the grass and improve its health...


Homeowners should contact Jillian’s Group LLC when they see symptoms such as discolored leaves, dead branches, or early leaf drop. The cause can be a minor problem that is easily explained and corrected, but other times the problem can be more complex, with several underlying causes and a remedy requiring treatments extending over several years.

Plant Health Care (PHC) programs help to maintain or improve the landscape's appearance, vitality, and safety using the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available. PHC involves routine monitoring, preventive treatment, and a strong working relationship between the arborist and the property owner.


Insects and diseases can threaten tree health. As soon as you notice an abnormality in your tree’s appearance, you should begin a careful examination of the problem and contact Jillian’s Group’s arborists to help identify the specific symptoms and try to diagnose the problem and select an appropriate treatment.


Woody plants and turfgrasses are critical design elements in urban and suburban landscapes. Trees and turf offer distinct personal, functional, and environmental benefits. The intended benefits of these plants may never be obtained if potential incompatibilities are not addressed.

Undesirable effects such as thinning grass under shade trees, large roots that hinder maintenance, and trees damaged from mowers are all things that can be mitigated with proper care.


Healthy trees increase in value with age and increase property values, beautify surroundings, purify air, and save energy by providing cooling shade from summer’s heat and protection from winter’s wind.

Trees in cities or near houses need regular maintenance to promote health and structural integrity. An effective maintenance program, including regular inspections and necessary follow-up care—mulching, fertilizing, and additional soil management—can identify problems and correct them before they become damaging or fatal.

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