Tree maintenance is easily overlooked until it’s too late, but often this can come at the cost of a damaged vehicle, home or worse from fallen trees during heavy winds, rain or snow. With regular maintenance & professional attention to the trees on your property, you can rest easier knowing your loved ones and the roof over their heads are safer.  Jillian's Group LLC, Dutchess County Tree Service understands that trees play an intricate role in our ecosystem and way of line. We like to classify ourselves as tree surgeons. Jillian's Group LLC is fully insured to protect their crew, equipment and your property as safety is our #1 goal.

Our job is to save your tree whenever possible, when there is damage. We will provide you options and guidance how to best approach removing damaged portions without damaging the structure of your trees.

Many times the goal is to remove sections for safety, appearance and overall protection of your property. There are many ways we can accomplish whatever your goal may be- by using pruning, cabling & other services to help every tree and your overall property.

We also provide full maintenance services including; disease control & prevention, pruning, cabling & other services to help your property look its best!


As a small family owned business we could not be more thankful for this honor. The true difference of Jillian’s Group LLC is what sets us apart from the competition.

Tree Work by Jillian's Group LLC


From Expert Tree Removals to Pruning of dead limbs to the Maintenance of Ornamentals and Shrubs, Jillian's Group has you covered on all your Tree Service needs.



Don't put your property at risk with problematic trees. When trees are damaged or growing in the wrong place, it's time to consider removal. Jillian’s Group LLC can safely and efficiently remove any difficult tree. 

That dead tree that’s been leaning precariously towards your home for the last 2 years, it’s a disaster waiting to happen and we can help! Whether it’s an old dead tree or one that’s growing a little too close to home, our tree removal experts are equipped to handle trees of any size or situation.

We offer professional tree removal for home & property owners near Dutchess County, New York (NY) to keep properties safe and looking their best! No tree is too big (or too small) and we’re able to help with stump removal after we’re done. If you dread the next wind gust because of an old or aging tree, it’s probably time to give us a call before it’s too late!

  • Hazardous Trees

  • Hard to Access Trees

  • Invasive Species Removal

  • and more



Tree trimming is an excellent way to keep your trees healthy and your property safe. If you're in New York, our certified arborists can assess your trees. We'll make cuts to give your trees the best shape and protect them from violent storms. 

Are your trees growing out of control? Maybe your neighbor is starting to complain about fallen branches in their yard? Whatever the circumstance, professional tree trimming from Jillian's Group LLC can help. There’s no tree too tall and no job too big for our tree trimming experts!

Well taken care of things last longer and trees are no exception – with proper care and routine maintenance your trees can live in harmony within your landscape instead of working against you…or your neighbors.

  • Crown Raising

  • Crown Reduction

  • Crown Thinning

  • Structural Pruning

  • Vista Pruning

  • Removing Deadwood

  • and more



From planting new trees and shrubs to relocation of a troubled tree or shrub or just to improve the look and health of your landscape, Jillian's Group LLC has you covered. 



Stumped about what to do with your stump? Are you tired of mowing around that old stump in your yard? Maybe you’ve had a storm fall a tree that you’ve taken care of but you can’t get rid of that old tree stump? Our professional stump grinding makes short work of your old stumps.

For every tree that’s cut down, there’s a stump waiting to be ground when it’s been done. According to – tree stumps can take up to 10 years or MORE to decay and rot naturally…that’s a long time to ignore an eye sore & potential hazard left over from tree removal services. Be sure to let us know if you’re interested in stump grinding for your project around Dutchess County, NY!



Trees don't work on your schedule. Even with proper care and maintenance, sudden storms or other unexpected occurrences can cause problems for your trees. Fallen branches, uprooted trees, and broken trunks can't be ignored. Jillian’s Group LLC offers 24/7 emergency service to address the mess and keep your property safe. When it rains, it pours – and sometimes, there’s also wind and fallen trees. If you have had a storm damaged tree in Dutchess County, NY and need it removed, call Jillians Group LLC NOW! 

When tree damage affects your home or property, contact us immediately - at any time, and we will respond quickly to help you resolve your emergency situation. 

We will get an estimator out to your home for an assessment of the property and equipment needed to safely and professionally remove the damaged trees.

Emergency Services will be provided in the order in which they are received plus the severity of each individual situation. In extreme weather conditions, we will respond when our crews can safely travel & perform the work needed.

In 90% of cases we will get you out and moving again on the spot and come back later to finish the cleanup. 

  • 24/7 Storm Response

  • The Day After Cleanup Relief



From creating beautiful lawns to treating for ticks and tree and shrub insects, Jillian’s Group LLC has you covered for all your Lawn, Plant & Tree Health Care needs! Our New York State Certified specialists are here to serve our customers! 

Our Turf Care program can consist of the following:

- Spring Start-up

- Spring Treatment

- Early Summer Treatment

- Summer Treatment

- Early Fall Treatment

- Fall Treatment

- Fungus Control

- Core Aeration & Over-Seeding

- Designed to repair winter damage, green-up your lawn and promote growth.

- Applications of crab grass pre-emergent with fertilizer are applied to all turf areas.

- Post emergent weed control.

Applications of crab grass pre-emergent with fertilizer are applied to all turf areas

- Application of herbicides will be applied to all turf areas as needed to help control weeds. 

- Application of a broad-spectrum insecticide with fertilizer to help control surface insects and grubs, while helping to green up your lawn and promote growth.

- Application of herbicides will be applied to all turf areas as needed to help control.

- Application of an insecticide with fertilizer to help protect all turf areas against Chinch bugs while helping to strengthen root development.

- Application of herbicides will be applied to all turf areas as needed to help control weeds. 

- Application of a granular based fertilizer with Iron will be applied to feed all turf areas to help promote new root development and maintain a healthy color.

- Application of herbicides will be applied to all turf areas as needed to help control weeds. 

- Application of a granular based fertilizer with Lime will be applied to all turf areas which is essential for winter survival.

- Application of herbicides will be applied to all turf areas as needed to help control weeds.

- Application of a fungicide to control turf fungal diseases. Early detection is essential. Proper maintenance along with fungicide treatments are the most effective controls

- Compacted soil and thatch build-up prevent water and nutrients from reaching the root system of your lawn. This can affect the appearance of your lawn regardless of watering and fertilizing. Aeration loosens compacted soil and allows nutrients and water to reach root systems and reduces thatch build-up. We recommend over-seeding after aeration at 1-3 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet of turf. This helps fill in bare spots and helps thicken your lawn making it healthier.



Making room for a pool, shed or a new home Jillian's Group LLC can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.



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Have questions on how we can help maintain your commercial or residential property? Reach out to Jillians Group LLC, Dutchess County Tree Service today for a free estimate on all your property maintenance needs in Dutchess County NY.

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Not only do we take pride in our tree maintenance & removal – but we love to show it off! Have a look at our past jobs around Dutchess County, NY & see why people are saying we are the best around! We take our work seriously, and treat every property as if it were for our own family. As a family run & owned business, we offer personal quality & attention to your needs that is unmatched!