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Tree Service for Emergency Storm Damage

We were called to a clients home that a tree broke in the middle of a snow event. the top of the tree missed their fence and vehicle parked in the driveway by inches.

In the following pictures you can see why this tree was corrupt and broke during the storm. The cavity pictured cause the tree to rot and the entire inside was gone. Leaves and dirt loosely sat inside the cavity. At one point it was possibly a home to a furry friend.

Jillian’s Group LLC was able to respond to this clients home in Lagrangeville, New York and clean up the fallen tree and remove the reminder of the trunk. To save money the customer decide to have us leave the wood.

It is imperative to protect your property and safety of your family and have a property assessment by a professional specialist! This is a free service we offer to the public. We will suggest any work that should be done if any and deliver the best pricing and options possible!

Jillian’s Group LLC is your one stop for all your Tree Service, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Property Maintenance and Home Improvement needs!

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