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Tree cabling for reduced risk of failure by Jillian’s Group LLC

Cable installation stabilizes a growing tree. It can save a healthy tree with a storm-damaged split trunk, preventing it from completely splitting apart. Cabling can provide support systems for heavy branches growing awkwardly, gently guiding them towards the proper growth pattern.

Jillian’s Group’s Well-trained arborists can identify trees that are in danger of falling on structures or passersby, and they can install cables to shore them up. These cables provide support that prevents the tree from splitting apart. It's a preventive measure that reduces the risk to people and property.

Tree cabling and bracing is a proactive and preventative technique to support a tree with poor or weak structure. It is commonly used to reduce stress damage on your tree from high winds, weight of ice or snow, and heavy foliage.

Cables can be good for 20-40 years, but should be inspected to determine the integrity of the hardware, cable, and tree parts. A growing tree may need a new cable installed for better leverage in the future. Jillian’s Group’s arborists can assist in inspection and installation.

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