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Total lawn revamp

Our customer in Poughkeepsie, New York was unhappy with her lawn due to years of erosion and a traffic accident.

A car run into her yard and she was bothered by the massive ruts as well as the protruding roots of her properties perimeter trees. She wanted to regrade her front lawn as well as cover the erosion and roots. Not wanting to disturb the health of her trees Jillian’s Group LLC sat down with her and discussed options. With budgets set we came up with a game plan. Concerning the type of trees, location to the road Agreed to by the customer we put it into action. Jillian’s Group LLC brought in top soil and re-graded the property To the customers liking. We then put down seed and fertilizer.

For all your Landscape and Hardscape needs call Jillian’s Group LLC today for a free consultation and estimate.

One week later and we already have growth!

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