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The cost of a tree removal could be a whole lot less than you think

Some trees are difficult. This could be due to situations surrounding the tree that most people don’t think. For example; wells, buried lines, septic, etc.

In other cases there are other trees that can be just felled with slight rigging or no rigging at all.

The cost of a tree job factors a few items.

  1. Amount of hazard involved in the removal

  2. The amount of time Involved in the removal (climbing, rigging etc)

  3. Amount of debris being removed and the time to do it and cost of disposal and hauling.

We have taken trees down for $600 or less which involved straight felling and tossing into the customers woods or leaving it for the customer to handle. We also have taken trees down for $3500 or more which involves hours of climbing and removing limbs, multiple chip and log truck runs and hours of clean up.

No two jobs are the same and you must understand this. This is why as a small family owned business, Jillian’s Group LLC offers free estimates to go over all these options and give full disclosure to our customers.

Call today and see how we can work with you and your budget to accomplish the goals you desire. You may be surprised at the options we have to make it work for you!

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