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Small tree work for a big change.

Our customer out in LaGrangeville New York wanted 3 trees removed and a privacy screen put in. After doing the research and finding out that a fence would cost them up to $15,000 or more they turned to us for advice.

We made suggestions and looked for the most cost efficient options. Working closely with the customer we came up with a plan.

We removed the 3 trees in the way which were providing no privacy or lining to their property. Chipping the branches we stacked the wood so they could use it this winter in their fireplace.

We decided to plant Green Giant Arborvitaes. They require zero maintenance and grow together causing a year round green screen. Green Giants are known to grow a foot a year so since finances were in question we went with 3-4 footers. Upward of 18+ feet in growth and 8 feet wide these are a great option.

Over the next few years these trees will continue to grow and flourish not providing the instant gratification a fence or maybe 7-8 foot option would but with the savings they got they will be able to enjoy a wonderful family vacation this summer.

Over the next few years since we provide snow removal for these customers we look forward to see how beautiful of a screen they grow to be!

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