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Proper Tree Felling

Safety comes first with Jillian’s Group LLC. We take all measures necessary to keep our job sites, workers and customers properties safe.

Felling a tree may seem easy to some but it is a skilled process. 9/10 times Jillian’s Group LLC will place a tag line in a tree to ensure the safety of the fell. Other times the skill and know how to fell a tree between two Obstacles can be done without one when you know what your doing. Check out our fence tree hoping posts previously.

In the video you can see how we evaluate the tree before we do anything. Knowing the lean of the tree, health and condition of the tree as well as nature including winds is essential.

After placing the pie cut we evaluate the angle of our cut and the direction of the fall once again. Keeping a nice hinge on our back cut is essential to the direction of the fall. Over commensate on one side or the other can change the whole direction of the fell. Correctly knowing how to fall a tree allowed us to drop this tree between a dumpster and the customers powerlines. This allows for the job to be done quicker and more efficient. This job involved the felling of seven trees , which only three involved needing ropes, allowing the job to be completed in a days work.

Have Trees Service needs? Call Jillian’s Group LLC today for a FREE estimate and allow our skilled staff to service your property and trees!

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