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Organic Tick & Mosquito Treatment

Keep your family safe and enjoy your beautiful property. Jillian’s Group LLC offers an Organic solution that is safe for you and your family. It is done on a 20-30 day rotation. The cost is between $75-$105 based on your property size. Some properties may be more or less.

Keep your pets and family safe by eliminating ticks and prohibiting the cycle to continue.

Fighting the tick battle is a year round fight. Jillian’s Group LLC offers full year protection as well as customized programs based on our clients needs. Applications are based on a 20-30 day cycle and not monthly. We do this as that is the products directions and unlike big businesses our main intention is you and your families safety and product efffectiness over the bottom like. We treat every property as our own and want the best results for you!

Don’t forget about our lawn and turf programs as well!! Call and ask about it today!

Call Jillian’s Group LLC today for a free estimate on Organic Tick Sprays and all your Landscape and Property Maintenance needs!

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