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New lawn watering 101

Home owners always ask, what is the correct way to treat a new lawn?

Jillian’s Group LLC walks all our new lawn clients through a total tutorial on the steps and maintenance to a beautiful new lawn.

Here is a quick tip version.

First off a new lawn should not be cut, judged or have any decisions made about it for the first 5 weeks. This allows germination and the seed to substantiate itself.

Second is watering. It should be number one as the most important. In a perfect world the soil should remain damp at all times. This can be achieved by watering daily 10 minutes every hour or two. The soil should have a nice dark look to it. Have a sprinkler system? Set the zones containing the new lawn to go off for 10 minutes every hour or two. Home for the day with no system? Watch a Law and Order Marathon and at the beginning of each new episode go water your lawn for 5-10 minutes.

When the soil turn a light brown as shown below it is time to water again.

You do not want to over water your lawn to the point there are puddles. This causes ruts and drown the seed.

Caring for a new lawn is a lot of work. After the soil is laid, grade work is complete along with seeding and fertilizing the real work begins on the journey to a beautiful new lawn.

The road to a new lawn is a lot of work. Jillian’s Group LLC can help you with the hard work and knowledge to get you started but when it comes to watering it’s all about you and your investment to your new lawn.

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