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Major residential tree and land clearing job In Poughquag NY by Jillians Group LLC

We visited a home in Poughquag NY where the home owner was looking to redo their entire home. Their trees and shrubs surrounding their home and property had become out of control and had to be removed for the safety of the home. Damage had been done to the siding, roof and their pool as well as the fact they couldn’t access their driveway and forgot what the sun looked like.

Below you can see a gallery of photos of what their property looked like before Jillians Group LLC came to the rescue.

Even with extreme temperatures as low as negative 4 degrees Jillians Group LLC was able to get in and clear all the trees as agreed to. It was a grueling process but again we go above and beyond to get the job done and make our customers happy!

The customer decided to keep the chips to cover the stumps they did not want to pay to have removed or ground. An inexpensive option saving hauling and stump removal costs. In totals this property had over 70 trees removed and 3 were big ones.

They will now get plenty of sunshine and have all the accessibility they want to their home and property. The next steps are a new roof and siding!

Dont let your trees and shrubs take control of your property and get out of control. Take the control back from nature and call Jillians Group LLC today for a FREE estimate on how we can make your goals and vision a reality on all your tree service and landscaping needs!

Brand new roof and siding is next!

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