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Major new home cleanup

A customer reached out to us after buying a new home in Fishkill, New York. The previous owner had not done a cleanup and their grass cutters had been blowing leaves under trees and into rock gardens for 20 years.

The customer and her husband had attempted to begin the cleanup making little to no progress on their own. As a surprise she asked we complete the project while they were away so when hey returned it would surprise her husband.

During the cleanup neighbors all around stopped us to tell us how beautiful it was coming along and how nice it was to see the ground again.

From over 18 inch piles to saplings and major branches down Jillian’s Group LLC cleared the property and had this customer and her husbands jaws drop when they returned. We live satisfied and happy customers. Especially bringing a family joy.

One of the biggest cleanups we have ever done with an 11hour+ work day.

The pictures don’t even do the job justice of how bad it was and the beauty the property hold now. Next up tree removal for dead trees due to root rot.

Note: do not let your landscapers pile leaves in your beds and up around your trees. As they break down they produce heat and attract bugs which kill your trees and shrubs. A massive Black Oak needs to be removed now due to root rot.

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