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Lawn recovery

A customer from Wappingers Falls New York called us about their lawn. They just purchased their home and had an addition put on. The contractor left them with half their yard covered in rocks and fill. Obviously not a healthy spot for lawn to grow but great for weeds.

We sat down and discussed options on how to rectify their situation. Having a budget since they just spent a boat load of money on a new addition and wasn’t expecting to have to afford this we came up with a budget friendly plan.

Jillian’s Group LLC removed cinder block and rocks from the property and brought in fresh top soil and raked by hand to put it exactly where it needed to be layering it up to 5 inches thick In some areas. We then dropped grass seed as well as fertilizer to enhance health and growth of a new lawn.

In the end the result was a happy customer. We look forward to a new lawn for them to enjoy with their 5 children.

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