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Large hazardous ash trees removed on Rockefeller property in Millbrook, NY by Jillian’s Group LLC

Jillian’s Group LLC was called out to the Rockefeller University Field Research Facility in Millbrook, New York to address a triple trunk and single trunk extremely dead and hazardous set of ash trees at the entrance to their facility.

Immediately we noticed the extreme rot and decay, as well as the splitting between the trunks and splitting and separation in the co-dominant trunks.

From the start climbing and piecing the tree out was not an option. The vibration of the saws from a bucket also caused a risk. The option was to expertly fell the trees correctly advoiding any damage to the property and the well cap located just 9 feet from the base of the large triple trunk dead ash tree.

Without a loss in step Jillian's Group LLC was able to remove the four trees clean, up the property as if they were never there and restore safety. Now the scientists and facility members can travel to and from safely especially with the upcoming winter months rapidly approaching.

With the right equipment and knowledge, Jillian’s Group LLC is keeping properties a-Cross Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam & Westchester County safe.

For all your Tree Service needs contact Jillian’s Group LLC today for a free tree risk assessment and estimate!

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