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Jillian’s Group LLC Oak Tree in Wappinger Creek Storm Damage Rescue

Jillian’s Group LLC was called to a customers home in Pleasant Valley New York in response to storm damage. A massive oak tree fell 2 properties north of theirs into the Wappingers Creek and was pushed down stream over 90 yards. The tree was obstructing their ability to access the creek safely as well as other creek users ability to pass by.

Multiple 75 foot massive branches were cut and dragged out of the creek as well as garbage and debris that collected against the tree including a picnic table and staircase. The massive trunk was cut into pieces so that it rested on the floor as they were too large to move as there was no access for machinery.

Having to work with the creek water table made the project complicated however Jillian’s Group LLC was able to safely perform the task at hand and in the end return safety to the creek as well as make our customer happy going above and beyond what the original task was.

For all your Tree Service needs including Storm damage call Jillian’s Group LLC today for a free estimate and consultation.

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