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Hazardous tree removal in Poughkeepsie

A customer told us their tree had been hit my lightening the year before. Over the past year they noticed dead wood and more and more broken and dead limbs falling as well as jamming in the remaining limbs. This caused a serious safety issue as they could fall killing someone.

You can see in the photo the red circles of the dead hanging limbs as well as the extensive rot and damage to the trunk and limbs. This is a major safety issue with the neighbors fence and home as well as the customers home and safety for their family members and children. Even the family dog.

Jillian’s Group LLC was able to assist and remove the damaged and hazardous tree. We chipped all the limbs and branches and left the wood cut up for the customer to use to heat their home. *Photo taken before stump was flushed*

Hazardous tree removal by Jillian’s Group LLC in Poughkeepsie New York
Hazardous tree removal by Jillian’s Group LLC in Poughkeepsie New York

Damaged and hazardous trees are extremely treacherous for the well-being and safety of your property and family members. Jillian’s Group LLC is offering a Spring special and performing property health and safety assessments for free. Don’t be confused. This is not an estimate as we always do they for free. A health and safety assessment entails walking the property as assessing all the vegetation on if from trees, shrubs and plants to lawns. We are also offering Free Lawn & Plant Health Care Assessment.

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