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Friday dance vibes

Jillian’s Group LLC has been blessed this season with quite a few lawn renovations and big projects.

After multiple massive lawn renovations our owner Brian stated that when he is back raking in seed he feels like he is at Yankee stadium during the 7th inning stretch. Well let’s do it like they do!

YMCA, it’s fun to stay at the YMCA!!

This massive lawn project entailed aeration, seeding and fertilization as well as a straw blanket to help keep the hill intact. It was suggested to the customer to install a retaining wall however it was out of the customers budget.

Another satisfied customer and a little fun!

At Jillian’s Group LLC there is still humanization as we are a family owned small business and we still like to have fun!

Call today for a free consultation and estimate on all your landscape, hardscape and lawn renovation needs!

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