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Damaged and dying tree replaced with beauty by Jillian’s Group LLC

Our customer from Staatsburg New York had a large dying and damaged maple tree in the center island of their drive way. They lived the tree however investing in remodeling their home the risk of keeping it was too high. Jillian’s Group LLC suggested replacing it with an ornamental tree to keep the hazard down over time and bring beauty to the property.

We entered the property and proceeded to take down the large maple tree piece by piece protecting the customers home and driveway. One chunk of wood could destroy their driveway or front porch. Slowly disassembling the tree to breve tree damage we brought the tree to the ground.

We proceeded to clear the stump through grinding. Clearing and removing the debris we brought it down as low as we could with the situation at hand. Following clearing out the hole we brought in fresh top soil to give the new Cut-Leaf Japanese Maple Tree a fighting chance. Positioning the tree, building its soil base along with fertilizing it we were able to get it established. We followed up with black mulch to emphasize the beauty of the tree and will return in about 3 weeks to feed it Bio-Stimulate to help its roots take hold before the winter months.

From tree removals to planting of new trees and shrubs Jillian’s Group LLC has you covered on all your Tree Service needs. All you need to to is give us a call for a FREE estimate and consultation!

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