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Beacon NY residents safety and public bus stop by Jillian’s Group LLC

We were called to a commercial spot on Main St. in Beacon NY. The bus stop was overgrown and not visible. Also the low hanging branches and dead wood was a safety concern for residents and passer byers. As a business owner the owner was also concerned that their building was not visible from the street as the tree had become over grown and was obstructing the building and business.

Through pruning and deadwooding Jillian's Grouo LLC was able to address the pediestians and owners needs making for a clear and safe bus stop and clear view of the building. We will be returning over the years working with this tree to better shape it and keep it in its best health and beauty keeping the residents and passerby's safe.

For all your tree service needs from pruning to removals call Jillian's Group LLC today for a free estimate and consultation!

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