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Against the odds

A customer reached out to us from Salt Point, New York about a tree removal they were having a problem finding someone to perform. Companies were afraid of the twist and turn of a trunk and the decay of the tree.

Jillian’s Group LLC was able to successfully remove the tree for the customers at a reasonable price and provide some great firewood for the family from the Ash tree. This was performed by a method of rigging the tree and performing precise cuts to ensure the safe removal.

Jillian’s Group LLC also trimmed two trees off of their home and ground the stump of the ash Tree as well as the stumps left from a hedge they wanted to have removed.

In the end once again another satisfied customer and safe tree removal and tree trimming by Jillian’s Group LLC.

For all your Tree Removal, Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning as well as stump Grinding needs call Jillian’s Group LLC for a free estimate on your Tree Service needs!

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